Ketogenic Diet and Alcohol

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Here is something you probably didnt know before:
Alcohol is not treated as a carb in your body. FIrst of all, carb has only 4 calories per gram, but alcohol has 7 calories per gram. And when carb is broken down into glycose, then alcohol metabolism is a lot differently, alcohol can be easily converted into ketones bodies, therefore it is aloud to drink alcohol in ketogenic diet, it will not knock you out of ketosis, it will actually deepen your level of ketosis (but it doesnt mean that you are loosing more weight). Alcohol cannot be stored in your body, it means it will be never converted into body fat, therefore it will always be metabolized first, before carbs, fat and protein.
Here are few more things you need to know about alcohol and ketosis:

Alcohol will slow down your weight loss.
Mainly because your body will prefer the ketones from alcohol for energy more than those from body fat. THerefore your body uses up those ketones from alcohol and then goes to body fat, so your weight loss slows down. Of course it depends of how much alcohol you are consuming and how much energy you need. But occational glass of wine will not harm you.

You will get tipsy faster and more easily.
When you are in ketosis, it is very easy to get tipsy. First, because you are dieting and you are more likely eating less, meaning you have less food to slow down the alcohol absorbing. The other reason why you get intoxicated faster is because you alcohol affects your body systems a lot more when your body is in ketosis.
Therefore BE VERY CAREFUL when drinking alcohol while you are in ketosis. Besides, being intoxicated usually decreases your willpower. And always make sure, you have eaten first, drinking with an empty stomach will causes even faster intoxication.

Some people cannot tolarate alcohol at all while in ketosis, or can tolerate it only in very small doses. Therefore please, to your own sake, drink half as much as you usually would, and drink slow so you can monitor what is happening to your body and how are you feeling overall. Plus it can make you disorientated and therefore driving might be a lot harder task. Just this weekend i had 3 drinks and 5 hours later i felt absolutely unable to drive, because i felt so confused and disorientated. So please please be careful with drinking!

Not every alcohol is suitable
Alcohol means pure alcohol, not coctails and flavored liqour sweetened drinks, because they have sugar in it. Therefore here are a list of ketosis friendly drinks:
– pure rum and diet coke
– dry champaigne
– dry wine (red and white)
– dry wine with selzer
– mojito without the sugar
– sugarfree margarita mix (Baja Bob) and pure tequila
– sugarfree daquiry mix with pure rum
– pure vodka with sugarfree martini mix
– whiskey or cognac
– diet sprite with vodka
Pretty much you can have any pure liqours mixed with sugarfree mixes, diet sodas and selzer, also DRY wine and DRY Champaigne. You can also add lime or lemon to make them taste better, but no other fruit is aloud.

To rescue the ones who just looove coctails, the company called Baja Bob makes many different sugarfree coctail mixes, they have zero carbs and zero calories, read more and find the stores near you from here:

PS!!! Make sure the alcohol you are drinking is not flavored or has NO SUGAR in it. Otherwise you will be thrown out of ketosis.



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How to use Ketosticks
To make sure you are in ketosis, you can use Ketosticks. They are sold in Walmart and Pharmacies and pretty much anywhere where they sell diabetic supplies. They are usually up to 6-0 dollars and you dont need a prescription to buy them. Ketosticks will measure the ketone bodies in your urine, so you will have to stick it into your urine, take it out and wait for 15 seconds and it will show you the level of ketone bodies with different colors, from pink (low level) to dark purple (high level).

Why are Ketosticks always show a low level of ketosis?
Even if you are not breaking the rules and keeping up your exercise routine, sometimes the ketone sticks still does not show high level of ketosis. This is basically because they show the level of ketones in your URINE at that time, meaning at that measuring moment, ketone bodies might not be present, because you just ate, or you have used them up that time, or because you have already flushed them out by drinking a lot of water. Therefore here are couple of things that might cause the ketosticks not to turn purple:
– you drink a lot of water
– you have exercised a lot recently and used up all the ketones for energy
– you just dont have any ketones in your urine at that point of time
– your ketosticks are old or got some air (they need to be closed in a puddle to stay “fresh”)

But here is a thing you need to know about ketones: your body makes ketones out of dietary fat (fat you eat in), from body fat (stored in fat cells), alcohol and from protein. KEtone is a ketone and there is no telling where those ketones the sticks show, come from. So therefore a deep purple might not even mean that you are loosing a lot of weight, it might mean that you just had a very high fat meal, or you drank a lot of alcohol in the past couple of hours, or that you dont drink enough liquids and your urine is very concentrated. Therefore, dont worry too much about your ketosticks, as long as you are showing at least trace, and you are loosing inches, you are fine! And some people will never show a deep purple in their Ketosticks even if they are still loosing weight, so dont worry too much about them.

Ketogenic Diet – signs of ketosis

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The hardest time to keep yourself away from carbs are the first 3-4 days when your body is getting into ketosis and depriving carbs, because the blood sugar is dropping majorly. Headaches and very fatigue feeling might also make you think about quitting, but dont. Because it gets easier every day. After your body is into ketosis, you will notice that your gravings are gone, even for carbs! Some even find it very difficult to eat, because your body has fuel from fat cells and doesnt really need anything in addition.

To beat some of that dull feelings and headaches, there are things you can do to make you feel better:
# eat more fat
# try drinking coffee with whip cream
# drink a lot of water
# exercise
# go to sleep
# take vitamins
THose things have helped me if im feeling like a zombie right before i enter into ketosis. I find exercising the most effective way.

But be careful, and make sure you are getting an adequate protein intake, because our bodies need amino acids (which is metabolised protein) for building and repairing tissues, and for keeping muscle mass. Therefore protein is ESSENTIAL and absolutely needed for many body functions, and your body can only get amino acids from protein, it cannot turn other nutrients into amino acids. How much protein should you get? Depends on if you exercise and how much you exercise. But a person who does not exercise should get at around 150 grams of protein. If you exercise you need more depending on what type of exercise are you doing, for how long and what kind of intensity. And it depends on your weight and lean body mass as well.

How do you know you are in ketosis?
1) You gravings have vanished, you might still feel a need to eat out of a habit, but you can completely feel fine without eating.
2) Feeling energized
3) Sweating more than usually
4) Dry mouth
5) Thirstyness
6) Metallic taste in your mouth
7) Metallic and acetone breath
8) Sleeping more soundly

You can also use ketosticks to measure if you are in ketosis or not. Read more about ketosticks.

Get into Ketosis FAST sample meals

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HEre are some examples of the meals you can eat during the day. Each sample meal consists approximately 200 calories, and as said before you can pick 5 of those each day:

1) 2 tbls of peanutbutter on a celery stick
2) a bowl of lettuce or spinach with 3 tbls of ceasar, blue cheese or ranch dressing or olive oil
3) a bowl of lettuce or spinach with 10 tbls grated parmesan, or 2 oucnes of other favorite full fat cheeses
4) 2 tbls of cream cheese mixed with 5 tbls of grated parmesan
5) 5 tbls heavy whipped whip cream UNSWEET on strong cup of coffee and 5 macadamia nuts
6) sugarfree Jello with 5 tbls of heavy whipped whip cream, 5 macadamia nuts
7) sugarfree Jello, 3 tbls of sour cream mixed with splenda on top
8) 10 macadamia nuts
9) 2 eggs cooked yolks and smashed with mayo or ranch dressing or sour cream
10) 2 egg yolks and 2 strips of bacon
11) 3 strips of bacon with 1 tbls of ranch
12) 2 ounces of Gouda cheese or any other full fat cheese

And pretty much anything you can think of until it has up to 200 calories a portion, and has basically no carbs, and a high fat content.

Get into Ketosis FAST sample foods

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Im going to give you a list of foods what you should and could eat during theses first couple of days. They consist mostly fat, and a little protein. It is not nesseccarly tasty, but they sure are satisfying and will not leave you hungry, because of the high fat content. And another thing i need to warn you about, is that this might not be a lot of food, and it might be hard to beat the “eating” or lets say “chewing” habit. What i mean, is that we are used to eating a certain quantity of food everyday, it some find it hard to beat if you cut down the quantity by half or more. So be careful not to eat more than recommended: the total quatity for the day should be around 1000 calories divided into five 200 calorie “meals”. I will give you a list of foods your meal can consist and you can mix and match them of course as long as your 1 meal portion consist of around 200 calories. For that purpose be sure to read the nutrient information on the package. HEre are the recommended foods:

# full-fat cream cheese
# macadamia nuts
# unsweetend peanut butter
# full fat cheeses
# parmesan cheese
# eggyolks
# bacon
# full fat sour cream
# heavy whip-cream
# majonese with tuna

Here are some sample meals.

Eat your 200 calorie snacks or meals or whatever you want to call them in every 2-3 hours. And as i said, it might be hard to eat such a small quantity of food as a meal, but just keep in mind, IT WORKS. And its not forever. And… you might drop 5-6 pounds or more in those couple of days, depending on how you were eating before, how much you exercise and other factors.

And you dont have to do it for 3-4 days, if you are into ketosis already, then you might start eating four 300 calorie meals a day and increase the protein and lower the fat intake.

How to get your body into Ketosis FAST!

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How to get your body into ketosis?
To turn your body into fat burning machine and to reach ketosis, you need to limit your carb intake to 20 grams or less for the first couple of weeks. This mean you will be eating protein and fat mostly. What happens in your body, is that your liver and muscles will be depleted from glycose stored in them, and within 3-4 days (depending on your own glycose storage, if you exercise or not, and your carb intake), your body will be completely out of glycose, the blood sugar will drop, and your glocagon level is high. This means your body is focused on drawing fat out of your fat storage and use it as energy.

The fastest way to get into ketosis, is eating mostly fat and little protein. We are talking about 80% of fat and 20% of protein, and as little as 5 grams of carbs. THis regime should be followed for 3-4 days, after that you should lower the fat and increase the protein intake, and eat a little more carbs, up to 20g until your body is used to using ketones for energy. Why is it so important that you eat a lot of fat this period, for the first 3-4 days? Mainly because, fat is the most ketogenic and least glycogenic nutrient, this means that there is only 10% of a change that dietart fat will turn into glycose and therefore it has only 10% of a change to turn into body fat. Eating protein on the other hand, has almost 50% of a change to turn into glycose, and into body fat. Therefore if you are eating fat for the first 3-4 days, you are getting the most of 10% of glycose, if even that. The other reason why i believe eating fat at the beginning is so essential, is because you are teaching your body how to use fat, and only fat for energy. Whether it is dietary fat or body fat, fat will be metabolized in the same way whether it comes from food or fat cells. So whenever your body have jumpstarted fat-using regime it is easier for it to use fat from your fat cells as well as dietary fat. Here are some sample menus for the first 3-4 days.

What else you could do to get into ketosis faster?
You can exercise, it might be very hard, but it is definately essential, because when you exercise, your muscles will use all the glycogen stored in them, faster. So a nice long, lets say 2 hour cardio, would be very helpful. Followed by sets of exercises for legs, stomach and arms. Therefore you will make sure all your muscles are pumped out of glucose.

Be careful to overdo things when you exercise, and be sure to stop when you feel like this is too much or you are about to faint. People are different and resist workouts differently as well. So watch yourself and if you have any special conditions, make sure you will talk to your doctor. But let me just tell you up front, there are so many doctors out there who have no idea what a ketogenic diet is, and how it works. THey might have heard of low-carb dieting, and will probably have very negative opinions about it, just because thats whats all over the media, that doctors dont recommend it. Mainly, because its a Diet. THats it. So make sure, whoever you talk to about your special condition, that this person has a deeper knowledge of that kind of dieting and knows what they are talking about. And im not talking about common knowledge, im talking about deeply knowing what processes are going on in your body.

Ketogenic Diet

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Ketogenic Diet is basically low-carb eating regime when you basically decrease your carb intake to 20g a day, at least first. But there is so much more to know about ketogenic diet or low-carb lifestyle overall so i will get deeper into it and try to explain it in a way when non-nutritionists will understand it too. First of all it is very important to know what happens to different nutrients in your body and later, what happens when your body is not getting some of them, or getting them in very low quantities. First lets look at the carbs:

Eating Carbs
When we eat carbs (without other nutrients present) the blood sugar increases almost immediately and that will cause our pancreas to produce a storage hormone called insuline. This hormone will help to deposit fat from blood sugar if it is not used for energy. For example if we eat a high-carb meal worth of 700 calories, the blood sugar raises, insulin is produced, and if we dont use the 700 calories worth of sugar (glycose) and lets say we use 300 calories instead, the insulin helps to store the rest as fat in our fat cells, in our bodies. This is roughly what happens and thats why it is so easy for your body to convert carbs into body fat. Besides when your insuline level is high, it triggers more carb cravings so it all becomes a big cycle of gaining weight. You have probably noticed, how much you will crave that another big bowl of cereal, or another piece of cake, they are plain carbs which are easily converted into glycose which increases insuline, which helpst to convert the leftover glycose into fat and stored in your buttocs or thighs or stomach or wherever you least want it.

Restricting carbs
What happens if you dont eat carbs at all, or restrict them to minimum?
Well, if you dont eat carbs or majorly restrict your carb intake, your insulin level decreases and another hormone level called glucagon increases. Glucagone is a hormone which has an opposite effect of insulin – it helps to draw fat from your fat storage, it helps to convert the body fat from fat cells into energy that your body can use. Insuline and glocagon always have a reverse effect, when the insulin level decreases, the glucagone level increases, and the other way around. Now, if you severly restrict your carb intake, your insuline decreases and your glocagon increases. But before your body really turns into drawing fat from your fat cells body will first use up all the glycagone stored in muscles and in liver. When those reserves are “empty”, then your body turns to your own fat with the help of glycagon hormone. Fat will be drawn from fat cells and metabolised so it could be used for energy. THe byproducts of fat metabolism are ketones, when roughly described. The state of having ketones in your body, is called ketosis. Ketones are similar to glycose, our bodies can use it for energy, and all the ketones, that your body doesnt need to use, will be flushed out through urination or sweating. So lets recap.. In ketosis, your blood sugar is stable, your insuline level is low and glycagon level is high, your body is burning fat by using energy from ketones that basically will be produced from your body fat.